Fiberlite Umbrellas

Product Reviews

Brian Van Bower

Genesis Cofounder and Aquatic Consultants, Inc. CEO                                                                                      In my long career in designing and providing specifications for outdoor environments of all types I have learned the value of quality. Quality materials, quality products, quality people are all essential. I discovered Fiberlite umbrellas several years ago, and we have been specifying them on projects worldwide ever since. The fiberglass center pole and the use of a PVC mount allows for installation in shallow lounging areas within our pool projects without the need for an electrical bond wire. With the solid fiberglass ribs and all stainless-steel hardware there will be no rust or corrosion. The fabric choices are extensive and beautiful. The service and communication has been excellent! The styles are creative and well received by our clients. On top of all that these umbrellas are reasonably priced. I highly recommend them!

Kathy Kendall

After researching the types of pool umbrellas for use on a tanning ledge in our new pool, I found the Fiberlite Umbrellas site. This is the only company I found that has a fiberglass pole which provides strength, stability, safety, attractiveness and longevity needed for a pole submerged in water on a tanning ledge. One question to their website gave me the answers I needed and generated a phone call with one-on-one advice and suggestions for our pool needs. Excellent customer service and so knowledgeable about their quality products. The workmanship shown on the umbrellas is exceptional. Fiberlite Umbrellas provides an excellent guarantee to their products. We expect to have many years of use and could not be more pleased with the outcome and shopping experience. We award five stars or more, if possible, for this company for a job well done. Thank you, Fiberlite.

Derek Greene

Oceanwalk Beach Service, Inc.
We have been in the umbrella rental business for 29 years, and for the last 15 we have used Fiberlite beach umbrellas exclusively. We are on Daytona Beach and our umbrellas fight salt corrosion, sustained winds, the sun’s UV rays and destructive storms. The Fiberlite has nothing to rust, since it is made with an all fiberglass cage and stainless steel fasteners. After a windy day, they retain their natural shape, unlike a steel ribbed umbrella, which you have to bend back into shape, which over time makes the metal cage weaker. The Sunbrella material is the superior fabric for our harsh UV conditions. While a severe thunderstorm can cause breakage when we are not able to secure all of our equipment, the repair parts are reasonable and accessible, and when repaired properly, the umbrella is like new again. We are very satisfied with the Fiberlite product and will continue to use them in our business.

Jim Urell

Recreation Supervisor
Marco Island Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa
I have been using Fiberlite Umbrellas for several years now at a large resort in Florida. Not only do they hold up to everyday use, they retain color and form very well. Ray and his staff have always been very helpful with any questions or service help I need. I would strongly recommend his products to anyone in the industry or for personal use. I have been nothing short of 100% satisfied this company.